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“I Love You, Osaka”

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[COMPILATION OF TWEETS] 140522 2014 XIA The Best Ballad Spring Concert in Japan (Osaka – Day 1).

Gyahhh love it!

I was just thinking about it lol and he answered, about acting in dramas and movies ^^ well, junsu. if you say its not time yet, its not time yet. we wont rush you ❤ and i hate 'machine sound' i'm glad you can't do that xD

"A: I don’t like making predictable choices. For example, if fans say that I will release an album in May, or if they say I will do a certain type of production next, then I want to do a different production. I have that kind of tendency (laughs)."
oh Junsu xD we would not make any prediction then..or maybe! My prediction: You will not do a Ballad Concert end of this year! HEHEH

"A: I feel that every time. It was musicals that allowed me to stand in front of the world and it was the one place that didn’t treat me with unjustness, so I can’t help but love it. Even giving me the Best Actor award, I think I will be buried doing musicals."

"Because my butt protrudes a bit, it’s more obvious." BUAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

I dont understand this? "Through this chance, the JYJ members now all share financially when needed."

"A man’s life starts at 30, so I will show everyone my remaining 50% when I turn 30."
Looking forward to it ❤


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Shining attraction, Kim Junsu

The man who made an unheeded choice into the will of God

Three Days in Macau with Kim Junsu.


Macau, which was thought to be clear and humid, was actually cloudy and sometimes raining. We thought that the city would be crowded, but one can experience leisurely slowness walking out of just one alleyway. Signs were lined up on the roads, but turning around faces one with a stone building that resembles Europe. Macau and our expectations were very different.

It was Kim Junsu who selected Macau as the photo shoot location. This photo shoot was work, but it was also a vacation with close staff. “Asia’s Las Vegas, a city in which the sun never sets. As the night sets in, the city instead becomes livelier. I like this kind of atmosphere.” Since elementary school, he imagined life as a singer. To the star…

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[TRANS] Full Interview with Kim Junsu – Singles June 2014.


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I am a fan.

Quest A

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This blog stands for the coming 5 years plan that we will carry out in order for the 2017 Quest A dream to be realised.